Wants to Learn How to Play an Instrument

Two of my eldest children wanted to learn how to play an instrument. They are eyeing on learning how to play the guitar, the violin and/or the keyboards. Honestly, I have no problem with that. I am happy that they are interested to learn these musical instruments. It is one of my desires as a mom for them to have musically inclined children.

BUT, I have a problem! Financially, as of the moment, I am not capable to send them to music schools or even buy them these instruments. I just don’t have the budget right now even if I get to save on electro harmonix and other musical stuffs online because of tremendous sale!

Though I might have no budget for this right now, I am still holding onto this dream. I still want my kids to learn this musical instruments and I want them to send to a music school. Maybe not right now or this year but probably soon!

How about you guys? If you have kids or when you will have kids in the future, do you want them to learn how to play an instrument?

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