Being Naked

Being an entrepreneur is like being a club...AND required to hit up every single women in the room.

All your flaws are left wide open for the world to see, especially those who might judge you the most. Everytime you get a phone #’s you feel like Brad Pitt, everytime you get rejected, you feel like ...Pauly Shore? (actually no, that guy gets play ) … Deuce Bigalow. One moment you are at the top of the world and the next the lowest of the low. Not only that, you HAVE to sell sell sell to everyone at anytime and everywhere...even the ugliest girl in the room...and most likely, she’s gonna reject you too...cause you are the freak who goes to a club naked!

Being an entrepreneur is NOT for the faint of heart...everything is on the line, and no one will hold you up except yourself. You keep going cause pausing and thinking is not good for anyone sane enough to realize all the risk and improbabilities required to make your vision come true. For the tens of dependencies that need to happen, even if all of them are highly likely, the compounded probability of it ALL happening is probably close to 10% ...if you are ultra lucky.

In my life, I’ve met generally two types of (successful) entrepreneurs...1) the strong silent type and 2) manic depressant. Type 1 is strong enough to shoulder the responsibilities and cope with all the stress and not externalize it too much. You see them at meetings . softly asking some tough questions but always polite and considerate. Type 2 is the social butterfly, the networking fool ...they guy you wish you can become ...but once in a while, they cross the bounds of passion into mania and irresponsibility. They might scream or yell at employees, partners, or VC’s ...than they get depressed or contrite for being the way they are ...the world is black or white, and so is their mood. . .