Feeling Kottke

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers decided to end a noble experiment. Jason wanted to focus on his career and relegate blogging to a “part time” hobby. No one can really doubt the quality of his posts or his dedication. Indeed, Jason is a A-list blogger with a huge following. Getting 40K in donations to blog is not an easy task. Jason writes of blogging,

The site became a normal job, a 9-to-5 affair, which meant that I could keep up with it, but growth was hard to come by.

Ofcourse, Jason doesnt really host ads on the site, so he can potentially make more money blogging than just asking for donations from patrons. But I think money is not the only thing... its that in order to really generate the amount of content to be a top blogger, blogging has to be a 9-5 dedication. Looking at the top bloggers out there, it is usually their fulltime job... as a journalist, as an “evangelist” for a company, as a “consultant,” or a part-time entrepreneur. Where their schedule is not dictated by someone else but by themselves. In the end, blogging is a means to an end (personal fame, company buzz, credibility, deal sourcing)... money is secondary. Jason simply thought there is better ways to dedicate his 8 hours a day.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like Jason. As my project has ramped up at work, I have much much less time to read blogs and write on my own... as a 9-11 blogger, my content contribution has certainly been lacking for the last couple of weeks. I still love having a soapbox so I’m certainly not going to stop but many times, there are more important priorities... for now though, my readership will suffer... for that I apologize :) I promise to getting moving soon!


Another data point, apparently a lot of A-list bloggers at big companies are being paid to blog... Jeremy Z for one... (see comments sections)... saying nothing about the guy’s blog (which is on my blogroll), but that the sustainability of the whole culture is at risk if a lot of blogs are not really self-motivated... I think Scoble gets paid to blog too (dont hold me to this, but I read it somewhere)...