Now Making Videos is Fun with the Movavi Video Editor

Video editing: the arduous job or just a pushover

Sometimes video editing can become a hassle for people. It can be well said, that video editing can take you to levels of frustrations if you do not get the required ease of access or if you do not have the proper video editing tools at your disposition. It could have been well told that video revising is a simple pushover had it be having some cool features like simple cut and paste of clips, negligible loss of quality, some dapper video effects and tools and some other exciting stuff. The good news is that, now you have a video editor which will eliminate all the hassles and fuss and make video editing a breeze for you, it is the Movavi Video Editor.

Movavi Video Editor is a robust yet simple to use and understand video deskman for Microsoft Windows. All you can do with this video editing program is simply cutting and attaching video clips without losing a single bit of quality. You can also apply some stunning video effects, frames and filters. There are also some other nice features like adding tiles, background music etc. even though there are so many functions, the Movavi Video Editor is a convenient video editing software to work with.

video editor 1

Unraveling the great list of filters

Here is the superb list of features that you get when you download this wonderful video editing software:

  1. Upload multimedia files in different formats: This video editing tool lets you transfer videos from your mobile, webcam, or any other source to your computer. You can upload audios and videos in any format like MPEG, AVI, MP3, MP4 and others. It also lets you add photos and audio clips.
  2. Remove the unnecessary parts and join the required ones: you can divide your video in as many segments as you want, you can remove the unnecessary parts from your video and add the required parts and some other external clips or images as well.
  3. Improvising the video quality: you can change the brightness, contrast and sharpness of your video. You can make even the pixilated parts and stabilize the overall video.
  4. Filters and special effects: There are 40+ special effects like sepia, mosaic, color balance etc which you can add to your video.
  5. Apply trendy titles: There are over 100 fonts to choose from, you can experiment with word art, size, and color and shadow effects as well. There is an option rotate the title.
  6. Add music or a voiceover: This video editing software lets you add voice clips or background music in any format as per your convenience.
  7. Storing videos is bliss: You can store videos mobile devices, computers, you can also burn them to DVD. There is also an option to share them on social media sites.

This video editor also lets you take HD quality screenshots so that you can save a few of the precious moments like an image. There are few other features as well like rotating, cropping and changing the aspect ratio of videos.

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Living Far Away And Missing My Children

I will be away for a couple of months for business-related reasons. I will be spending the next few months in Vietnam teaching children and practicing my new profession as a school teacher. It sure is a very exciting season in my life and I am highly anticipating this trip. I look forward to new experiences in a different country and meeting different types of people.

Although I welcome the new environment and new memories that I shall be making during my trip, I cannot help but miss my children and our daily routines and bonding activities. Even when I am sure I left them in capable and caring hands I still cannot help but worry about them and wonder whether all their needs are being provided for and if they are sticking to their daily schedule and doing their homework on time.

This is my first time to be away from my children for a long time and my first to be out of the country, too, so I guess all my worries are but normal. Even when I know my children will be in their best behavior, there is no way I would stop worrying and thinking about them. Good thing I can simply chat with them on Facebook or have a video call with them through Skype. Spending my time online to catch up with my kiddos will be a part of my daily activities here Vietnam.

Working away when you have 3 children is truly extra challenging but I am sure I will get the hang of it and find my balance soon. Tonight, after reading this article about, I will make sure to switch the laptop on so I can talk to my kids before going to bed.

Have you experienced living away from your children?

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A Look at Fertility 2015 in Birmingham

fertility 2015

Birmingham will play host to the “Fertility 2015” conference from 5th to 7th January 2015, which will gather together leaders from the world of fertility, assisted pregnancy and sexual health. Birmingham is obviously no stranger to hosting major world conferences, and has the world class hotels to make sure all of the 450 delegates attending the conference have a pleasant stay.

Who will be there

The conference has worked hard to foster its reputation as a mecca for those in the field of fertility, and, as a result, can attract big names, such as Professor Carlos Simon, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology from the University of Valencia- lecturing this year on the subject of human endometrial receptivity. The Anne McLaren Memorial Lecture will be held by Moira O’Bryan, of Monash University, Australia. The delegates will have a full program of lectures and events to attend throughout the three days.

Why attend Fertility 2015

The conference is a great place to learn about the newest developments in assisted reproduction and keep abreast of clinical and scientific advances. And you won’t be alone, as around 450 other delegates will be in attendance, making it a great way to network and meet other experts in your field.

Continuing Professional Development doesn’t have to be something to dread!

Fertility 2015 is also a great place to get feedback on your own work, as the conference is running a “call for abstracts”, which will give you the opportunity to show your work either orally or in poster format. Last years’ exhibition saw around 200 poster presentations and this year looks set to improve on that number, meaning that delegates really have their opportunity to get their finger on the pulse of the latest research and developments.

The exhibitors

Obviously a trade show like this isn’t complete without the leaders from the medical devices and manufacturing world. The exhibition aspect of the conference will house around 50 of the industry leading firms who will be showing off the latest innovations with demonstrations and giveaways. It’s like having the new products pages from the trade journals all compressed into one room, and in 3D.

Companies already confirmed include Hunter Scientific, Research Instruments and Cook Medical, to name just a few. Nothing beats having a new innovation in your hand, and speaking to the team who developed it, to really get to grips with what they have tried to achieve, and how it might benefit you in your professional life.


Birminghams ICC will play host to Fertility 2015, and it’s good to know that by attending you will be in safe hands.; the ICC Birmingham has hosted some of the world’s most prestigious events.

Situated in the heart of Birmingham’s vibrant city centre, the conference centre boasts state of the art facilities, including a shopping centre, business centre, restaurants, nightlife and even a symphony hall. So you can be sure that your stay in Birmingham will be both enlightening and enjoyable. 

If you are personally looking into IVF then click here to find out more about the newest technologies in the field, from a professional provider. If you want to find out more about the history of IVF then this is a cracking article.

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