Save Both Time and Money

Traditional couponing can save you a great deal of money, but it takes so long to do and you risk not seeing a necessary product. You could join product- or brand-specific savings clubs, or keep an eye out for emails or advertisements, but who can keep up with that? Savings Galore can, and we are happy to do it for you.

savingsYou’ll be surprised by the number of ways you can save when you join a savings portal, and these deals are available on both day-to-day expenses and the little indulgences that everyone should be able to enjoy. And, with our web resources and help lines, you’ll be well-informed about your purchases. After all, even if you buy something at discount, it’s still a waste of money once you realize the item isn’t what you thought it was.

Travel Safely and Comfortably

With Savings Galore, you can find all of the discounts and promotions for an affordable, but memorable, vacation, in one place. We help you book your flight, car rental, and hotel, and then find fun and interesting things to do.

Dine Well

Whether you are looking for a way to shop that is both healthier and more affordable, or want to be able to take a break from cooking more often, Savings Galore can help. We give you access to coupons to both grocery stores and restaurants, as well as an opportunity to buy fresh off the farm with our Online Farmer’s Market.

Keep the Engine Running

None of the other savings matter if your vehicle can’t reliably carry you to work in order to make the money you need. Savings Galore’s features allow you to reduce your costs for maintenance, repairs, and tire replacements, and you can call for advice from a mechanic at any time. You then save money in the long run on fuel and maintenance.

Have Fun

While saving on the necessities is important, we recognize that sometimes you need to do something for yourself. Our sources can lead you to deals on a night out at the bowling alley or movie theater, while those who feel the need for pampering can check out the Online Spa Finder.

credit-cardFor Fido, Too

We don’t want to leave out your loyal companions! They deserve good food, entertainment, and a healthy life as much as the rest of your family. With discounts on veterinary care and retail items, as well as a lost pet recovery service, your pet can have the best for less.

Choose Your Savings Portal

When it comes to finding great deals online, we think Savings Galore is the best choice. We also think that once you give us an opportunity to show you all of the benefits that membership offers, you will do so, as well. You can give us a try for 30 days at a rate substantially less than the normal monthly fee to find out if you love Savings Galore and the deals you will find, as much as we do.

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Killing the Time at School

I went to my children’s school today. I was the one who sent my youngest to school and decided to wait for her class to finish. My youngest is at preschool and her class ends at 11:30AM just in time for her sister and brother’s lunch time. So to save on time and energy, I decided to wait for my youngest while holding on to my other children’s lunch.

Took a picture of the school's Christmas tree while waiting.
Took a picture of the school’s Christmas tree while waiting.

This is not the usual thing that I do within the week. I just stayed home and work online but since there is no one around to help me, I have no choice but to juggle everything. Though I am having a hard time adjusting to this setup, I felt accomplished as a mom. Tiring but rewarding.

Why tiring you may ask? Well, I hate the heat of the sun and waiting unproductively. I can’t bring my laptop and work while because my laptop’s battery is broken. There is also no way for me to plugin to an electric socket. But, I am trying to be productive. I tried writing a blog post to update whatever blog I think that needs updating. :p

I was not able to finish the blog post at school though. I decided to edit it before posting. It seems that blogging on my mobile phone is not my cup of tea. But, I will try my best to kill the time  in a productive way. What do you think? Should I bring a pen and paper instead??

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3 Easy And Interesting Ways To Take A Break From Your Online Work

Even when you work comfortably in your own home free from the hustle and bustle of a regular 9-5 job, you also need to take a break from deadlines and the regular humdrum of online work. Admit it work loads can be a perfect formula for headache that you might want to get away from it all, even for just a few minutes after every 4 hours of work.  These breaks are also essential in keeping you productive and efficient in your work.

So how do you take those much needed and well deserved break even when your work hours are during the odd times of the day? When all you can spare is a maximum of 15 minutes for these pocket breaks, here are a few interesting things you can do:

  1. Read blog. You do a lot of reading and researching for your online work, but when was the last time you read online for pleasure. Your break is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite blogs and read their updates. Whether you prefer parenting, humor or travel related blogs, reading them while you take a break from work will prove to be a beneficial exercise. Reading, after all, is a really relaxing activity, whatever format you choose to read.
  2. Catch up with your friends online. Your regular work may not allow you to meet up with your friends for a cup of coffee and chit chat, but thanks to modern day technology and the mélange of social media these days, you can easily catch up with old friends wherever they might be in world. Notice how the pressure of work and the stress of your deadlines dissipate as you chat with your friends just like the old times.
  3. Play online games. Gamer or not, playing online games will prove to be a very relaxing activity, too. Opt for one of those fun and exciting online games or, if you like, you can also try online casino and who knows, you can probably win extra cash while playing and taking a break. A good place to start is on, where you can find a number of no deposit casino bonus codes so you can play without spending. Start with one of the no deposit bonus codes available and get the chance to cash out real money while playing games for free. Being a newbie will not be a disadvantage as included in the site is a feature where experienced people share invaluable tips and handy secrets so you can make the most of your no deposit bonus and start getting real money while playing.
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